Like most other mental health and addiction rehabs, Good Heart Recovery, which opened in July of 2017, has a mission directed towards the healing of the clients which they serve.

However, unlike other mental health and addiction rehabs, Good Heart Recovery, a non-12-step rehab with an holistic and humanistic based outpatient treatment program, was created with an overall goal to heal not only their clients, but the Santa Barbara healing community at large.

A national committee formed of multiple mental health associations including the American Psychological Association and multiple other research studies have found that approximately 40 to 60% of clinical psychologists report having experienced depression symptoms and 18% reported having experienced suicidal thoughts (1). “It’s clear that therapists and other mental health clinicians have less space to express their initial, and at times, long-term reactions to others pain,” says Courtney Tracy, Good Heart’s main founder and CEO, “Our work can be isolating and very non-reciprocal, depending on the work environment. These two scenarios alone, isolation and one-way healing, can cause an increase in depression and suicidal thinking. We want to change that, in our own work place, and in our Santa Barbara community.”



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