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Leading Canadian Non 12 Step Program for Drugs and Alcohol, Sunshine Coast Announces Update to Methodology Page

Sunshine Coast Health Centre, one of the top programs in British Columbia, Canada, for drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment serving clients from Vancouver, Victoria and other major cities, is proud to announce an update to its information request page on the non 12 step methodology used by the program. Many clients seeking treatment for drugs, alcohol, and other addiction issues are interested in learning how a non 12 step program compares with the 12 step programs commonly used in alcoholics anonymous and/or narcotics anonymous programs in BC.

“Our non 12 step program uses the methodology of meaning pioneered by Viktor Frankl,” explained Casey Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer. “This methodology is based on the search for meaning and works with clients to reorient the meaning in their lives away from destructive behaviors and towards more positive ones. The updated page allows persons who are interested easily to request more information.”

To access the newly updated information request program on non 12 step, visit https://www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca/non-12-step/. That page overviews the “five C’s” of the program – convenience, comprehensiveness, certification, compassion, and comfort and has a handy information request form to request a confidential consultation. A non 12 step methodology is not for everyone, but everyone should consider it when making a choice as to the best treatment methodology for them.



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