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Jail rolls out new tools for treating opioid addiction

BRECKENRIDGE — Officials are looking to improve treatment and resources for individuals dealing with substance use disorders at the Summit County Detentions Facility.

Along with the recent addition of the jail’s mental health navigator position — meant to help facilitate mental health and substance use treatments for incarcerated individuals while in custody and after release — the county also has launched a number of other programs to help inmates combat substance abuse issues.

Last month, Summit County was awarded a $60,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Human Services’ Office of Behavioral Health to fund a new medication-assisted treatment program in the jail. The program is aimed primarily at individuals dealing with opioid use disorder, and will provide help to relieve withdrawal symptoms and chemical imbalances in the body for those who screen positive for addiction medications like methadone or naltrexone. As part of the program, patients receiving medication also will take part in counseling and behavioral therapy meant to provide a more holistic treatment than medication alone can achieve.



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